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Saturday, 20 October 2007

One step forward, four steps back... using up my stash.

I made this ("Remake One-piece")

from this book (ISBN 9784579111473) for MissM.

After reading Pip's post today, I hot-footed it to Spotlight, and came away with these two lovely Japanese fabrics. (The second one -- a nice soft cotton -- was only $6.99/m!!!)

I was surprised and really excited to unearth quite a lot of Japanese fabrics!!! Not only the lovely spotty Cosmo Textiles ones, but I finally found the gorgeous mushroom canvases, and some beautiful paisley prints on textured cotton.

AND they have a wide range of Clover sewing accessories. I have already bought a tube turner, a small rotary cutter, an iron-on transfer pencil, fine quilting pins (ace!!), and today added two yo-yo makers.

On Wednesday I also finally managed to drag my butt to Patchwork on Central Park, where I bought these two rolls of fabrics...yummy!


Claire Falkingham said...

I've been buying some great fabric from Spotlight, now I just have to start making some stuff!

Okie Okasan said...

I'm super jealous of all your lovely new fabric! Excellent choices, every one. I have that same craft book; you've inspired me to go take a look at it and see what I might make from it sometime soon... Thanks!

SeaBird said...

Oooh - these look cool - especially th top assortment! (I love your masthead - the little bird and mouse hidden amongst the letters!)