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Thursday, 14 February 2008

Spreading the love...

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

I am off for a week to get down'n'dirty with this magnificent land -- camping on the coast, near Croajingolong NP. No power, only cold undrinkable running water, and flush toilets being the only luxury. Love it.

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emma said...

Dying to know how your camping went.I'm sure Orbost has completely recovered from the excitement we caused. Our first hint of trouble was when we stopped to buy fresh sweetcorn at a roadside farmstand at Marlo. Hope you got to enjoy some too! Not that we could eat THAT lot, it was covered in fire extinguisher foam. We were at the Cape Conran Coastal Park and it was fantastic (our first time there).
Thanks for your comment too, what a coincidence that you're off to the same spot.