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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter to You

Hope it's relaxing, fun, and filled with yummy food.

This is a picture of the traditional Polish Easter basket, which we duly took to church today to be blessed. It basically contains a piece of food from all the Polish food groups (i.e. meat, salt, bread) (doughnuts don't fit), coloured hard-boiled eggs, the "lamb of God" (in our case a vintage one we used since I was little), and some green sprigs (not sure what they symbolise, but in they go every year). I also put in a couple of salt-dough painted shapes we made yesterday.

The idea is that all of this represents your food supply for the rest of the year, and is thus blessed.

It's about tradition rather than religion for me.

Tomorrow we go on an egg hunt in the morning to find choccy eggs, and would usually have a big traditional brunch, but I am working, so we are having a big traditional dinner. Featured on the menu are: too many cold cuts to name, salted herrings, "zur" (a soup based on sourdough starter, smoked sausages, and loads of dill), vegetable salad (cubed cooked vegies and apple in a mayo based dressing), and usually bigos (meat, wild mushroom, and sauerkraut stew) but mum is gallivanting around Europe, so isn't here to make it.

We have baked Polish cheesecake and Babka for dessert -- can't wait!!!!!! I will take pix of the spread, and post them soon.

Happy Easter/holidays to all.

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