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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Alphabet Joy

I have a big smile on my face thanks to this...

Found on Drawn! via A Little Hut.

In primary school among my favourite books were "The Lettering Book" and "The Lettering Book Companion". I would flip slowly from page to page and for hours admire the different fonts and borders, waiting for (and imagining) the perfect opportunity to use them.

The more I explore the interweb, the more I realise (remember?) just how deep and strong my passion for graphic design runs, in particular, lettering and fonts.

The problem is, these days there are very few excuses for me to design anything. So I download billions of fonts. And I design lists which I print out and stick on my pinboard, and in December and January I very excitedly design the invitations for my daughters' birthday parties...but I want more.

I love my profession working as a pharmacist -- I find the intricate workings of the body and drugs inside it fascinating, and it's satisfying when I make a positive difference to someone's health, but there is this huge part of me which I feel is lying dormant. Maybe I want too much? We all have different interests and talents, and maybe we can't fulfill all of our drives? But more and more I feel dissatisfied. Maybe, as my wise mother has always said, things will follow their path and fall into place. I feel exciting things coming on.

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