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Monday, 12 May 2008

Illustration Friday: Electricity

We all know this feeling.......right?


Sandra said...

This is so true, a great interpretation of the topic. I couldn't think of anything this time.

Irma said...

Aak! I never tried that. But, I do remember once I was walking underneath my grandfather's house in Puerto Rico (the house was half on stilts), and I walked under a light socket with the wires hanging out, and it they brushed against my head. Creepiest feeling ever!

Nice idea for the topic! And thanks for the nice comment on mine :)

neil said...

Yeeewww! Makes me tingle all over and not in a good way! Very good solution to the topic. Well done.

Elsita :) said...

Happy Birthday Cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big hug from Elsita!
Have a wonderful day!

fine little day said...