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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Illustration Friday: Detach

The exposure of the photo from which this was drawn made her head look detached from the rest of her.

Also, I love the Olympics. I get so excited every time it's on -- I am the opposite of a cynic (what's that? I could just look it up). I watch it as much as I can, I cheer, I shed tears occasionally.

I firmly believe that the Olympics should transcend politics and unite people in spite of, yet respecting, cultural, religious and personal differences.

I know that these Olympics are particularly tainted with political issues, and while I think it's crucial to address these issues (and loudly!) I really wish the western media would back off on the many gratuitous attacks against Chinese culture. All it will achieve is ill feeling, and we do, not, want, that, because it will piss off a billion people, and make dealing with the real issues that much harder.


Connie said...

This took my breath away. Absolutely elegant. Love the minimal quality.

kslaughter said...

Gorgeous drawing---lovely expression!

design for mankind. said...

I love your thoughts on the Olympics-- and what a LOVELY drawing this is! :)