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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

T'was a glorious autumn day in Melbourne today, and I very unexpectedly found myself having the opportunity to lie in the sun in the backyard, watching and listening to the shimmering leaves of the huge poplar. They glowed against the, uh, sky blue of the sky. It was so poignant I had to take a photo.

I'm glad I still have the capacity to recognise and seize such opportunities (one girl was asleep and the other was amusing herself in the sandpit nearby -- both rather unusual behaviours -- seems we're all behaving unusually lately).

I also found and mourned over the one and only passionfruit which our local rats left behind for us after voraciously annihilating the rest. Bastards.

And I offer a photo of the afternoon sun shining through the curtains of our bedroom.

Why do I get the feeling I'm avoiding the topics of knitting and getting fit?

I have knitted 7.75 cm of Little Angel, and drew up a daily exercise chart today, alright? And I even did some tummy exercises.

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