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Thursday, 10 May 2007

O. M. G. I F'ed an O!!!!

....and I was so close to changing the name of this blog to "Area 51" (get it?....UFOs?....yeah).

I finished and gave my dear friends M & B, the baby quilt I made! B gave birth to a darling little boy yesterday morning.

This is how it came out. Despite its imperfection, I am so damn pleased with myself. Purists will be cringing, my husband's female ancestors (he comes from a long line of quilting women) will be turning in their graves, but I like it. It's my first ever quilt.

(Shoes from

Here is a close-up of the chou-kawaii animal fabric from Superbuzzy. I love how the hedgehogs are called mice. Please do not look too closely at my sewing. Please.

In other news, I finished the front of the Little Angel top (minus the yoke), and have started on the back.

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acechick said...

I'm finding this post title unbelievably hilarious!

oh, and quilt/pic thereof are fab ;)