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Sunday, 29 April 2007

Jap Mags

My Japanese magazines arrived!

Zakka Book is devestatingly disappointing. Like a catalogue for a country furniture/knick-knack shop (which it may possibly be, and I wouldn't know being as I don't understand Japanese!). Here is a scan of the MOST exciting page which is not too different from the least exciting page.

The magazine should be titled, "How to have a Totally Cluttered House." I know it's the country style, but it ain't my style. The most appealing aspect of Japanese craft magazines is their minimalism. (The fact that I have a totally cluttered house is beside the point. Or perhaps it is the point.)

Ah, but Cotton Time Plus! Mmmmm. Exactly the daydream-fodder I was after. Full of soft light and beige linen.

In other news, I am so close to a FO!!! I daren't believe it. One of the baby quilts -- for my friend whose baby was due yesterday but is still in utero, much to my friend's chagrin.

Nothing like performing best under pressure.

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