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Thursday, 19 July 2007

The Winter Shirt ... and other stories.

Here is the finished shirt. I'm surprised at how small it turned out, considering I made the 110 cm size, and my bigg'un is about 106 cm (aged 3-and-a-half...yikes!). I swear I stayed true to a 5 mm seam allowance! Oh, and I figured out why I was having gathering issues: because I was gathering too widely. But I figured that out after I'd sewn it and was comparing it to the magazine pic. Live and learn.

This is something else I whipped up in the last week -- thrifted felted jumper cut into a pocket shape to embellish this plain windcheater. For my lil'un. (Excuse my un-ironed bedsheets!)

More op-shopping saw me score these patterns (do they qualify as vintage? When did patterns last cost $1.60?). I am very much looking forward to making my children wear the items I sew from them...bwahaha.

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