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Sunday, 8 July 2007

The Good, Bad, Badder, and Ugly

Good: My 3yo was invited to her VERY first birthday party yesterday! (Not counting ones of friends' kids -- this was her first independent invitation.)

Bad: This means I missed the Melbourne Design Market I had been looking forward to for six months!

Badder: The party was a McDonald's party!!!!

Ugly: Unrelated, but all four of us have been sick all week. Luckily we're better now.

During this week, I STARTED MY FIRST JAPANESE CRAFT BOOK PROJECT (in reality rather than in my own head)!!! Now that is a major step. It is this shirt, and I am making it with "winter white" pinwale corduroy and this trim. So far I have cut out the fabric. Now to sew.

Also this last week I wrote a piece about soap-making for the new craft magazine Mix Tape by Nikkishell and 62Cherry ("mixtapezine" to me looks a lot like "mirtazepine" which is an antidepressant. Appropriate, really!) (I am a pharmacist by profession).

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Nichola said...

:-) I like that we sound like an anti depressant! hehe