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Sunday, 22 April 2007

It never rains but it pours...

Oh I've been a busy little crafter:

  • New yarn -- bought the Panda Zoomy pattern pamphlet, but do not like the yarn, so I asked the local wool-shop ladies for a suitable substitute. They recommended two strands of DK held together, but I could not for the life of me achieve the 12 st tension, even by adding one strand of 3-ply (aka "lace weight"?). So after three failed tension squares, I ended up ordering some Iceland by Crystal Palace from the U.S. and paying double for it (postage cost as much as the yarn itself). I'm sure I could have found some suitable yarn here, but when all's said and done, it would have cost more in time and energy. The ironic thing is that Iceland is made from Australian merino, so it's coming home. And now I have eight balls of beautiful greeny-blue DK alpaca with which I can make something else lovely for my daughter.
  • More new yarn -- bought 10 balls of Bouton D'Or "Orion" (discontinued) on Ebay to add to the stash. I'm picturing a lovely cabled shrug/cardi down the track (something like Jennifer Thurston's Blackberry, although the yarn's not right for that one).
  • Quilting -- discovered Superbuzzy! Although they are located in the U.S., even when adding shipping, the fabric is comparable in price to what is available in Australia. I am making two small quilts for two friends who are soon to have babies. Will post pix soon!

  • Still plugging away on Little Angel. I'm all of 12 cm into it. I was dismayed to come across a little knot in the yarn (Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino) which came undone after I'd knitted it, and now I have two loose little ends which I have to try to somehow secure FROWN FROWN FROWN. Yarn isn't supposed to have KNOTS in it.

  • More felted op-shop jumpers! I think I'm addicted! I heard my husband's muffled voice from behind the growing pile of felted jumpers telling me I should actually use them to make something now. Good point.

  • Sewing -- bought some sweet apple canvas (and some pink bobble trim!) to make an apron for my 3yo chef's apprentice.
That's why I haven't posted for two weeks. Will add pix to this post shortly.

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