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Thursday, 5 April 2007

Some stupid play on the word "felt"

I'm excited.

Yesterday whilst walking my three girls (two daughters and one female dog) I finally worked up enough courage to steal some quinces from the people-up-the-road's front yard. Last autumn they were tempting me but I didn't have the guts, and I watched them turn brown and rot on the ground all autumn, but this year I did it! I picked four lovely heavy golden orbs! Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with them. I can't wait to watch the magic transformation of their flesh into ruby beauty.

Today I went to a couple of op shops and bought six woollen jumpers, which I put into the washing machine and turned the knob to the 95-degrees-celcius cotton setting. Now I have loads of wonderful 100 % wool (mostly shetland!) felt, all for $12! Yippee! And mostly in wonderful cooked-quince shades!

Inspired by mollychicken and angrychicken, I also ordered a couple of Japanese craft books from yesasia which are due to arrive at the end of April. "Cotton Time Plus" (ISBN 4391622866) and "Zakka Book 35" (ISBN 4391624192).

And I bought some Green & Black's organic chocolate with almonds. This goes into the "get fit" category, albeit inversely. Oh well. It is very yummy.

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