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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Ode To My Great-grandmother

We went to my mum's for dinner last night, and she pulled out a bag full of crochet made by her mum's mum. What a bounty! Doileys, collars, and pillow-panels (is there a better term?).

Mum gave me the lot (says they will end up in my possession eventually, and she likes the fact that someone who fully appreciates them will have them). I am looking forward to making some beautiful cushion covers using the panels.They all need some TLC (proper washing and blocking).

Mum tells me after my great-grandmother had a stroke, she picked up her hook as soon as she could, and with her affected arm/hand rehabilitated herself via crochet. She kept going until she died aged 97.

Here's hoping I've inherited at least some of her good genes!

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nikkishell said...

They are beautiful! It saddens me when i see such beautiful work for sale in op shops, i bought some recently for 99c each, such a crime to pay so little for something that took so much talent and time. I was glad to snatch some up and should have bought more, i feel sorry for the ones i left behind, maybe i'll go back for them one day.