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Thursday, 28 June 2007

Soap and a Ladybird

...because there is no clever way I can combine those two in a heading!

Here is a picture of the soap I made on the 27th of May. It finally hardened enough to unmould and cut a few days later.

After running it by the very clever women on my soaping list, I realised what the "problem" had been: I had soaped at cooler than usual temperatures, and so saponification took longer. The resulting soap is just fine, and here is how it (pardon the sort-of-pun) scrubbed up once wrapped and labelled.

Oh, and here is the ladybird costume I made for my 3yo girl's dress-up day at kinder.


nikkishell said...

Your soap looks wonderful! I've always wanted to make soap.

mixtapezine said...

do you sell your soap? i would like to buy some!!! hey thanks for making contact i so love it when i meet a fellow melbourne girl :)

Cherryskin said...

Thanks nikkishell and Justine!
I do sell them, but only "casually" to friends and work acquaintances, mainly because I just haven't bothered with trying to sell them any other way. If you'd like to buy some, email me (I just put my email on my profile) and I'll let you know what I have available.