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Friday, 1 June 2007

Soft in the head

I made the Wee Wonderfuls Wee Bunny last night!

And gave it to my friend, E, this morning. Her baby will be born on Tuesday (if not before), and I haven't even started on her quilt! Eeek!

I made the bunny using upholstery fabric samples which I had left over from when we were buying our couch. Despite its obvious imperfections (such as the "blind" seam at the back which experienced a miraculous recovery and can now see...), I am pleased -- especially with the face. It came out better than I expected.

I did have to make three sets of ears, though. The fabric was too stiff to turn out the ears, and by the third set I knew to make them a little wider than the pattern, and use calico for one side. Here are the original, battle-scarred, ears (ink from frantic pen-stabbing trying to turn them).
Here it is all wrapped up.

I was going to say it is the first softie I have ever made, but that would be a lie, because that title belongs to this little lady, which I made when my first daughter was born.

She loved playing with it when she was a baby, and used to suck on the hair (all six strands which I attached before I ran out of steam). I have no delusions about her beauty -- or lack thereof -- but when we rediscovered her during a toybox excavation a couple of weeks ago, I asked my now three-year-old, "Who's that?" (wondering what she would say) and she -- clutching the doll -- replied, "It's you" I thought my heart would burst.


Kuky said...

Your first softie is very sweet. Especially the six strands of hair. :)

hannah said...

lovely touching story about your first softie!!