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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Flashback Friday: (catch-up) toys, and my mum!

This was my favourite doll. I named her "Nauczycielka" which is "Teacher" in Polish (que?!). I also remember that dog on the armchair -- it was super-soft, as it was covered with rabbit fur (noice...).

My favourite toy EVER is Floppy. My dad brought him over from a business trip to Finland in 1977. He knows all my secrets, fears, loves, heartbreaks, fury, regrets, sorrows, joys. He has soaked up about five times his body weight in my tears over time, and has also borne the brunt of my tempers and frustrations (then more tears of guilty regret). He came with me everywhere until about age......(OMG)....20. He's still around (laying around in MissC's room as I type, so I can't take a pic! I will do so tomorrow and add it to this post).

I don't remember this softie, but I sure like it now! Heh heh. Wish I still had this one. (I'm on the right.)This is my beautiful mum.

Resplendent in lurvely stirrup-pants (circa 1985).

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