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Friday, 23 November 2007

Flashback *cough cough* Friday: Hippie Love

This is the hippiest pic I could find in the albums I have (only one from the 70s).

There were plenty of wide-collar, huge flares pix, but not exactly hippie.

This leather-headbanded friend of mum's was the winner (L-R: me aged one, mum, mum's hippie friend).

And I still hate the smell of *cough cough* cigarette smoke. Thanks, mum.

P.S. My stupid soap from stupid Wednesday is still stupid soft. Hmph.


Anonymous said...

Good photo and it seems so long ago that people actually smoked INSIDE..... near children.
How things have changed.

Claire Falkingham said...

Love that photo! I love the fact that people just smoked where ever, when ever they felt like it!!