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Wednesday, 14 November 2007


If you had've asked me two months ago whether I thought the following was possible, I would have said, "No -- I bloody well wish!"

- Milk, bread, eggs, butter, juice, fruit and vegies delivered to my door.
- Said produce 100 % Australian owned and grown.
- Free delivery.
- Cheaper prices than at the supermarkets.
- Fresher than the supermarkets, and top quality.

Well, that is exactly the utopian dream our family is currently living, thanks to Aussie Farmers Direct. No I am not getting a commission for this, nor do I have any pecuniary or other interest in plugging Aussie Farmers Direct -- I just love it, and really wanted to share!

It's all super fresh and yummy-yum-yum, and as well as the things I have already mentioned, you can also have cream, cheese, Aussie coffee, and spring water delivered.

I could go on and on about the benefits of AFD, and I will!

MissM finds it super exciting to receive the deliveries, especially finding the fruit & veg box on our doorstep on Wednesday after kinder. It has even inspired her to eat some new fruit/veg, which as far as I am concerned is a miracle (she was excited about the mango today).

Likewise I am inspired to cook new stuff, because the box contains some things I do not usually buy (e.g. iceberg lettuce -- we rediscovered the pleasure of an old-school lettuce/tomato/cuke salad the other night, which went fabulously with a homemade lasagne).

Another benefit is that we are eating more good stuff and wasting less! My usual way was to go to the supermarket, buy the usual fruit/vegies, and occasionally buy a bunch of something or other which was either eaten or ended up evolving at the bottom of the fridge/fruitbowl. Now the choice is out of my hands, because the farmers' box contains a selection not made by me. Most of it happens to be stuff I usually buy (apples, bananas, capsicum, onion, etc) but the rest is stuff I would not usually buy, and I know that I have a week to find a way to use it before the next box of fruit/veg comes. To be honest, I thought it wouldn't work and that a lot more evolution would go on in the bottom of the fridge, but not so! I think it's because I know the next box is coming, and normally I just wait until I can bring myself to shoo out whatever it is crawling around the bottom of my fridge before I go and buy more. And now when I am contemplating what to have for lunch, I think of the fresh stuff first -- yay for me!!

I luv yaz, Aussie Farmers!

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