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Monday, 6 August 2007

Back on the Greenish-Greyish Periphery

We are back from the Red Centre.

After four (so far) loads of washing, the house is starting to resemble its former self. Sadly, even with the contents of three suitcases strewn around, it's not too much different from its usual self. Flylady has her work cut out right here.

I had the idea of doing "Flashback Friday" catch-ups, especially as I just joined the ring, but decided I might just jump back in on Friday. Mainly because most of my pre-1985 pix are at my mum's!

Here are some pix from our holiday instead.

Uluru; just like the thousands of images I have seen of it over the last 25 years (since we came to Oz). Beautiful hazy behemoth rising from the surrounding flat desert. Little wonder it's such a sacred place for Indigenous Aussies.

Watarrka (Kings Canyon); another in a series of geological (and spiritual) wonders in Central Australia.

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas); Yep, the Red Centre is generous when it comes to geological (and spiritual) wonders.

Pretty flowers at the base of Walpa Gorge at Kata Tjuta.

More pretty desert flowers.

Whinge: our camera ("only" five-and-a-half years old) has stopped focusing properly, and also doesn't seem to adjust to the light properly. Hence, most of our pix from our trip are slightly, and extremely annoyingly, blurry. This may or may not be apparent in the above shots.

Tip: if travelling to the Red Centre with young kids, ensure all the clothes you take for them are in shades of rust, because that is what colour their clothes end up, and this cannot be washed out.


Felicia said...

Wow, beautiful photos. Looks like you had a lovely vacation.

Sheeps Clothing said...

Gorgeous photos. Such beautiful colours!
Its definitely a different colour scheme in the outback, isn't it?

Cherryskin said...

Thanks! Yes, the outback is so beautiful these pictures really took themselves.