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Friday, 10 August 2007

Frifty Friday

Went op-shopping today, and came home with:

A dinosaur puzzle, Lindy Chamberlain's autobiography (have been thinking about her lately thanks to our Uluru trip, and wondering about her side of the tragic story), two sewing patterns (check out the kids' one!!), two aprons (one very cute vintage "homemade" one with really funky pockets, and the other a tuck-shop lady smock-type apron which I have been after), a size 18 pure linen jacket (yeehar! heaps of linen), and all for $15.

Also an update on "Doll Nina" -- she's almost finished! Head's a bit square, but nothing that a bit of chocolate-brown mohair hair won't cover up. I'm very excited about her, and my 3yo loves her already. When she picks her up, she cradles her in the crook of her arm and nuzzles her -- awwwwwww!!! She must feel the love being sewn in.

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Anonymous said...

I too have Lindy's book but had not read it. I loaned it to a friend, she said good book but hard to read Lindy's writing. Hope it goes well for you.