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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Flashback Friday: Group Photo

I didn't want to post this pic because I look terrible in it (I'm the one pretty much in the centre -- below mushroom-boy -- wearing the freaky head-dress which makes me look like my head is huge, which it is not, and closing my eyes as I often do in photos), but I could not pass up this flashback gold. Check out the costumes!

This was at kinder in Poland, 1979.

I was terrified of the teacher standing to the right, looking away from the camera. I am a slow eater, and always must have been, because I remember her force-feeding me soup which I had been slow to finish. Also, at naptimes I remember lying there not at all tired, but we must have been told to close our eyes, because I would close whichever eye was on the side she was standing, and keep looking around with the other eye! She must have been a dragon. People who don't love kids should not work with them.

The boy on the bottom left, holding the red horse, choked on a piece of Lego. I have a memory of a teacher jamming her fingers down his throat to get it out. He survived. His name was Tommy Feather (no joke) (in Polish, though).

I love the cranky cowboy on the bottom right.


Helen said...

Great shot! That teacher sounds scarey though....

Anonymous said...

Great photo and don't worry about how you look, I can't see your face very well on my computer. I do like he costumes and what a mean teacher you had.

summer pickles said...

What a gorgeous photo! And you look really sweet! (I have given up on looking too closely at myself in these photos... figure we are bound to come across ones we don't love in flashback friday!). I love the stories about your teacher... isn't it funny how some of them will stick with us for life?