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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Flashback Friday: Fancy Dress

Despite the fact that I look like some kind of a midget in these photos*, I would have to have been at least three, because the headpiece is part of a costume I had worn to kinder. I had dressed up as "Spring" and I am guessing my head was a maypole (we were still in Poland), hence the ribbons. (Here I am not in the full costume, just the headpiece.)

I have no idea why these shots were taken. I forgot to ask mum, although I imagine it was probably a photographer friend, as my parents had many arty sort of friends. Mum tells me I wasn't shy in the least when the photographer took this series of shots, and strutted and posed as directed. Not surprising given the groovy boots!

* If Mr.Cherryskin reads this, I can hear him now: "You are a midget."

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