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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Introducing Nina

Well, she's finished! My daughter will be sooooo happy to see her tomorrow morning! She's been busting to play with her, and nagging me to finish making her. Please excuse the crappy pix -- I could not wait until daytime!

Today (on the way home from dentist visit #2 which was far less stressful than yesterday's butchering session) we stopped at "Bustle & Bows" to buy some yarn for Nina's hair. What a ripper of a shop!! I love it! I used to stop in at Bustle & Bows in Malvern when we lived nearby but have not been to the Surrey Hills one (the only one now) and boy oh boy am I ever excited to have discovered it! (Can you tell?) The flosses! The fabrics! The TRIMS! Squeeee!! When I left my paper bag not only contained Nina's hair-to-be, but THIS...

...with which to finally make THIS... sweeeeeeet is serendipity!!

But I digress. I love how Nina turned out! I didn't expect to be so competent at doll-making. I know to proper doll-makers Nina is probably majorly flawed, but damn she looks fine to me! And my girl seems to agree, which is what counts the most. Credit must be given to the very well-diagrammed (and probably well-written, too, but HAH! I wouldn't know!!) Doll Nina book (ISBN4-07-249886-6) which I bought from my favourite Ebay seller ever Pomadour24.

The only thing I am slightly disappointed with is her hair. I have not cut it short -- it turned out this length which is much shorter than Nina's hair in the book. Not that I mind how my Nina's hair looks, but I would have preferred longer pigtails I could plait. Maybe because the yarn I used is stretchy, so it bounced back to a shorter length once off the "loom". Never mind.

Happy 7-month birthday to my lil' girl. You're not getting anything, dear, except for lots of yummy warm milk every time you disturb my slumber in the dead of night.

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Claire Falkingham said...

Gorgeous! She is perfect, love the little dress too!