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Friday, 14 September 2007

Flashback Friday: Say Cheese!

This is the cheesiest 1985-and-earlier pic I could find in the two albums I nicked from mum's.

My brother and I with our dog, Soja (pronounced "soya" like the beans) in front of the playground dad built for us in our backyard (everything from total scratch in those days, none of this pre-designed, pre-measured, pre-assembled stuff -- he cut that tire out himself...after walking three miles through the snow in bare feet....etc).

We'd only just moved in (hence the rather bare yard).

Soja was the BEST dog ever!!! Playful, laid-back, obedient, sweet-natured....I miss her so much.


Claire Falkingham said...

Love this photo, even the dog is smiling!

Helen said...

That grin says I love my dog, he's the best! Great snap!