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Friday, 14 September 2007

Look mummy, I made a woman! With eyes!

Okay, so you have to have a good imagination, but nevertheless I am glad someone around here is creating (and finishing) things...

Happy star

Happy mountain

Happy field with hair

Topmost of my UFO's (um, this one is not by my 3yo) (although looking at the stitching you'd think it was! But I'm learning, learning...). About to become a FO very soon (as of tonight, only buttonholes and buttons to go). For my almost-8mo.


Claire Falkingham said...

Sweet bodice, love the sleeves, alott!

Okie Okasan said...

Those sleeves are beautiful! Nice work.

Oh, and by the way, I'm tagging you. I hope you haven't just been tagged, so do it if you care to! I have the rules posted at my blog:

Have fun!

Anna said...

Oh I was going to tag you too but okie beat me, seems to be going around at the moment. I think that tagging can work for the both of us :)