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Friday, 7 September 2007

Flashback Friday: Sunday Best

Well, it's not really Sunday Best, and it's not really formal, but my mum made me and my cousin (yes, that is correct English) these dresses. She also made matching miniatures for our Barbies (clever mum) but sadly I don't have a pic of those, nor do I have the dresses.

I am in the pink.

Another Christmas shot! 1983.

Dad, Aunt (mum's sis), baby brother, and Mum (standing) in the background.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you could be sisters. Are you still alike now?
Love those dresses and for your barbies too.... that is just too much. Great Mum. Love your pose, are you about to dance?

Claire Falkingham said...

I love this photo, truly a happy snap. Love the dresses too, they are just so like, right now!

Cherryskin said...

Fiona, no we are nothing alike! She is tall, bony, blonde, strong-featured (and gorgeous) and I am short, round (albeit slim), brunette, and soft-featured.
We weren't about to dance: just hamming it up!