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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Sweet Escape

Some Japanese sewing books/magazines which arrived today from YesAsia, and a tiny sample of the yumminess contained within.

Top to bottom: "Basics for Girls" (ISBN978-4-579-11147-3), tops; "Pochee" vol.3 (ISBN978-4-529-04432-5), overalls; "Wide Pants" (ISBN4-277-72236-9), pants; and "Pochee" vol.1 (ISBN4-529-04294-4), baby dress, patchworks.

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whitney said...

You have to tell me if these books are as great as they seem. I am so tempted to buy them but then worry that they aren't as wonderful as they look. Or maybe they are too hard.
Love you blog, especially your last FFB post - I want to hear more.