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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Why Cherryskin?

1. chocolate cupcakes, 2. cupcake with cherry on top #3, 3. with a cherry on top, 4. Cherries on top, 5. Cherry on top (detail), 6. Wet Cherry, 7. More Cherries than I've Ever Seen Before, 8. Cherry Life Starts~, 9. Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream, 10. Cherry vareniki, 11. cherry charms - 3-2006 002, 12. Cherries, 13. Cherries, 14. cherry wood, 15. Cherries #1, 16. Cherries, 17. cherry 4, 18. Cherry Blossoms - The Sequel, 19. Bowlful of Cherries, 20. Cherry Delight.........., 21. Girl with Cherries, ca. 1491–95, 22. cherries in washington, 23. CHERRY#3 さくらんぼ, 24. Cherry Blossom in March, 25. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!), 26. First-Cherry, 27. Cherries, 28. Red Cherry Cherries Fruit, 29. Cherry Christmas!, 30. cherry blossams pale pink, 31. Cherry bowl, 32. 4th of July Cherry Pie - Not Burnt this time!, 33. 3 CHERRIES ARE LUCKY & WILD, 34. Cherry, 35. Cherries #2, 36. Cherries #3

All I have been posting lately are Flashback Fridays, so I thought I'd better come up with something or...... (insert terrifying scenario here).

I have been asked the inevitable question, "So, why Cherryskin?"

Well, I, uh, love cherries. They are my favourite fruit. I love their short season (love a fruit that plays hard to get). I love their taste, their juiciness, the way they burst when you bite into them. I love lying in the sun reading a book and eating cherries (this is something I make a point of doing during the few weeks they are available, just so I can reminisce throughout the rest of the cherryless year). I love the way they dangle (shrug). I love wearing pairs of them on my ears. I love their colours. I love the phrase, "Pretty please with a cherry on top!" I love the sound of the word cherry -- I like saying it. I have no doubt I would love cherry pie if I ever tasted it. I love Neil Diamond's song, "Cherry, Cherry." I love cherry trees and especially cherry blossoms. I even like glace cherries.

I tried for "cherry" but it was already taken.

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Kirsty said...

I LOVE cherries too. I buy them by the box!